Residency Museum

Residency MuseumNeil McKnight668 x 380 px. 51.8 Kb.


Residency Museum

Re­furbished in July 2010, the re­fit­ted museum overlooks pictur­esque Princess Royal Harbour, on the site of first European settle­ment in West­ern Australia.

The West­ern Australian Museum - Albany pro­vides ex­hibitions, public pro­grams, educational pro­grams and in­form­ation on the un­ique nat­ural and social history of the re­gion.

The Museum shares stories of the in­digen­ous Noongar peo­ple and the in­flu­ence of Mokare, a young Noongar warrior, as well as the stories of the ear­ly settlers and con­victs, and also ex­plores the re­gion's un­ique nat­ural landscape, flora and fauna.

Article updated 07/05/2017.